Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Seventh MONTHday!!!

What he can do:
Sit up on his own.  He can also spin around 360 degrees to see what toys spark his interest.  He is working really, really hard on crawling and he practices it all the time but he only ends up flopping on his belly and gets really frustrated.

His favorite toys went from cloth to anything he can BANG! he will raise his little fists in the air and slam them down, either onto something or just onto his chubby little legs.  He will also snatch anything within reach, including his socks.

He constantly makes a "tough guy" intense face where he sticks out his lower jaw and tenses up his whole body.  He only does this for fun.  When he wants to throw a fit, he'll tense up his whole little body, thrust out his lower jaw, and fuss. My other favorite thing he does when he is fussing is to kick his legs quickly, "thump, thump, thump, thump".

He poops in the bathtub - at least 70% of the time. Poor Lily (the only kid who fits in the tub with him) is always on the lookout for poop and knows I will snatch her out fast as lightening!

He will pull himself up on things if you give him the chance.

He isn't much of an eater.  So far (as of 1/6/14) he has eaten Uncle Joshie's Beet Soup (Borscht) and peas.  He's also eaten some of Curt's roasted butternut squash as well as some organic baby peas, rice and oatmeal.  He is just now tolerating a spoon shoved in his mouth and he aren't pushing him too quickly!

He talks and talks and talks and is quite a little babbler.  He likes to blow raspberries and giggle as well.

Sorry there are so many.  I couldn't decide between cute and cuter!

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