Friday, January 17, 2014

Interview with Anna, Age 6

Interview with Anna, age 6

Here is an interview with Anna, age 6.

What is your:
1) Favorite color? Pink
2) Favorite book? I don't know
3) Favorite movie? Frozen ("Frwozen")
4) Favorite food? I don't have one.
5) Least favorite food? Uh...ummmmm...I forgot.
6) Favorite fruit? Banana
7) Favorite vegetable? Carrot
8) Least favorite vegetable? "That's Hawd" I forgot.
9) Favorite TV show? I don't have one.
10) Favorite song? "The ones from Frwozen"
11) Favorite thing to do with mom? Snuggle
12) Favorite thing to do with dad? Dance parties.
13) Favorite game to play with friends? I don't know
14) Favorite store? The ones with the kid cawts.
15) Favorite sport? Hockey
16) Favorite bible story? "The one where Jesus died on the Crwoss"
17)Favorite place to go? Ice Skating.
18) Favorite restaurant? Red Lahmsters!
19) Favorite toy? My two frozen dolls
20) Favorite thing to do with Elizabeth? Lily running from me and I try to catch her.

20.5) Favorite thing to do with JJ? Kiss 'Em.21) Favorite drink? Root Beet Floats
22) Favorite thing to do at school? "Wecess"
23) Favorite thing to do outside? Swing
24) What do you want to be when you grow up? A police girl.
25) What can you do now that you are 6? Go to Girl Scouts? (Answered as a question)
26) Who is your best friend? I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and I still don't have one yet.
27) What is mom's job? I don't know, mom.
28) What is dad's job? "Uh. To help people when they are fighting."
29) What does mom always say? I won't have any more children than 3! ;-)
30) What does dad always say? He always yells. :-)
31) What is your nickname? Anna Banana
32) What makes you laugh? Having fun and those kind of things.
33) What makes you sad? Can you think of anything that makes me sad? When I scratched my back on the thing (bathtub faucet).
34) What are you thankful for? Everything in the whole entire universe that God made for us.
35) What does mom love about you? I have no idea!!!

Then I asked if she had questions for me:
NO. Oh yea. Why are you doing this?

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