Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Tenth MONTHDAY

What he can do:
Crawl (fastish) especially when being chased. Being chase, tickled or nibbled are the things that make him cackle the most. He can even crawl through tunnels although this took some convincing.

He can pull up on anything he can reach now and is very proud of this skill. With crawling and pulling up he has become more interested in opening drawers and emptying cabinets (oh boy!).

Other things:
Growl (so cute)

Anna is still his favorite person although he adores both his sisters.  Lily has gotten sooo good are "baby" talking to him and playing with him.  Their relationship is definitely developing.

His sleep still somewhat iffy.  He only wake 1-2 times/night (or sometimes less).  Naps are still not his favorite thing but he has mostly resigned himself to them.

(No more pictures, mom, I've gotta MOVE)

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