Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Eleventh MONTHDAY!!!

What he can do:
Wave bye and hello (most of the time) Instead of a wave, it's more of a hand raise/salute.
He will blow kisses (most of the time).
Sign "more" (by clapping) and "all done" (by raising both his hands up high)..... most of the time.
Bark like a dog- when he sees a boy.

He loves to pretend to sneeze and cough and will repeatedly do that if he hears someone else do it.

He can say "Ah oh!" and I guess you'd consider that his FIRST WORD!!!

He can crawl like a champ, now, although sometimes he does it full out and sometimes he does it dragging a leg curled up.
He can climb up on a low chair, stool or single step.

He can pull up on anything now and is the master of his domain now that he can crawl anywhere and pull up everywhere.

He's an eating champ now and is a master of the pincher grasp.  He'll let you know if he doesn't like some food or is is all done by swiping all the food on the floor.  He can eat from those organic baby pouches on his own which is convenient for mommy!  He will eat or at least try whatever you give him but his favorite food is bananas and baby junk food.

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