Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There are many reasons why Anna rocks.

The latest: she loves everyone and she is so easy!

I am contemplating a return to work (boo hiss) which I am EX-TREM-ELY ambivalent about. (I'll blog more on that later). Anyhoo. I decided to try switching my exercise class from Wednesday evenings to Wednesday mornings since there's a good chance I'll be working Wednesday evenings.

Anna had never been to the YMCA daycare at THIS particular daycare and she was used to the ladies at the OTHER Y daycare so I was unsure if I could finish the hour long spin class.

Which for those ignorant about spinning class, looks like this:

Not this:

Not only was I able to complete the class with her safely tucked away upstairs with some new friends, I stayed ten minutes after and talked to the instructor. So after class, I bounded up the stairs, washed my hands (I'd NEVER touch my daughter without washing off the spin-class nasties) and waltzed into the nursery.

Anna was HAPPILY playing on the floor with a toy (again, she had been there OVER an hour at this point) and when she saw me, she did a little "Cousin Molly Jiggle" and laughed with excitement. I melted into a puddle on the floor. Did you? Just now? Reading this? Melt?

I love you Anna!