Wednesday, September 17, 2008


On the phone with a guy we are meeting with for financial planning...
Me: "Hi Mr. _____. I was referred to you by Sean, who is good friends with my husband."

Him: "Yes, is your husband C____ _____?"

Me: "Yes - he knows your family."

Him: "Yep, I believe I sent you guys a wedding present..."

Me: "Yyyyyyyyeeeessssss....." (Thinking - "What do you say to that? Also - "Oh God, what was the present? Does he expect me to know after 5 1/2 years?")
Me: "Thanks a lot - that was thoughtful. Anyway........."

I was talking to Anna while she was eating a being super cute and told her if she got reincarnated, she'd come back as something wonderful.

Curt pipes up loudly from the other room:
"YES ANNA - You'd come back as a UNICORN!!!!!!!"
(In his manliest voice - of course :-)

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