Saturday, October 18, 2008

PUMPKINS! (And a mega weekend)

Last weekend was just dreamy!
After a hard week (see new post from October 9th) we thoroughly enjoyed Curt's 3 day weekend. We went to a pumpkin festival and Anna had a blast climbing on the giant pumpkins.
Check out the video (taken on Curt's cell phone, so the quality is poor):

Here are some pics:

Anyone fancy some good home cooking?

And then a nice, long nap?

(Notice Cricket underneath trying to figure out how to jump up and snuggle!)

Now, you may have noticed that Anna lost her clothes during the above photo montage. Imagine:
-a diaper change
-a naked hiney enjoying fresh air during the aforementioned diaper change
-a diaper bag without an extra set of clothes in it

Getting the picture?

After soaking herself and her clothes, and after moments of quiet desperation and quick thinking... Anna finished the festival in this:

Which is a mermaid tail skirt that I saw at Goodwill for $1 and has been stuck in the diaper bag for weeks, intended for a little girl in our playgroup.
We got some funny looks, but if you had seen the rest of the people wandering around in Hartsburg, MO - you wouldn't have given Anna a second look. (Great place for people watching! Hardly a full set of teeth in the bunch - but plenty of tats!)

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