Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You know you are poor when . . .

it is a treat to buy a 12 pack of beer.

You are destitute when you have the following conversation:

[Scene: Curt and Maria in the kitchen, talking]

Curt opens the refrigerator.

Curt: I see we have some new beer! Cool! 211? I've never heard of that before.

Maria: Yeah, it was really cheap at Gerbes.

Curt: I think I will try one!

Maria: Go ahead!

Curt grabs a can. He opens it; it emits a satisfying "hiss." Curt grins and raises the can to Maria, in appreciation of a found bargain.

Curt takes a sip.

Curt: **$#(*^&#(^#(*$& [edited for content. Translation: This brew is most offensive, and I regret that I have swallowed it].

Maria: Sorry.

Curt: You know what? Next time we want cheap beer, why don't we just get Miller Lite?

dramatic pause, camera zooms in to Maria.

Maria: Yeah, but isn't Miller Lite expensive, like Bud Light?

Fade scene.

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