Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brainy Anna

Anna's Words:
Mom: Mommmom, Maimey, Mahmeeeiii
Doggy: Doegee
Daddy: Daddy
Julius: Jewjish
Cheese: Chessssssshhhh
Ice: Eyesssssshhhhhh
Juice: Jewssshhhh
No: No way to describe how she says it and it's cuteness.
Ball: BAWWW!
Down: Dawwwnn? (Said with a question inflection - so cute!)
Up: aup, aup, aup, aup
Dip: Dewp
Zip: Zwwip
Baby: Baybeee!
Shoes: Shewwwwwzz
Papa: Papapapa
Banana: Elalalalal
Cinderella: Ellaellaellaella
That: Dat
This: Dis
Go: GOOOooooo
Hi: Hi? (Again, as a question, and so cute!)
Bye: Beay?
Done: Down
Die: Who knows. She just says die sometimes. I don't take it personally.
Water: Wawawawawa (Moving her hand in front of her mouth like an American Indian doing a war cry.)

I'm sure there's many many more that I am missing (sorry Anna). But isn't she cute?

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