Friday, April 24, 2009

And she sleeps...

So Anna decided she forgot how to hold her potty at night. Two nights in a row now, she has woken up at 5ish soaked (she pointed at the bed and said "wah wah!" [water] - I'm thinking, "No kidding, kid!"). The night before, she woke up at 5ish for no apparent reason.

Now. If I pottied on myself at night and someone came in MY dark room to change me, dress me, rock me (and yes, OK, twice cheat and nurse me to make me oh so sleepy) I'D oblige them. I really would. I'm nice like that.

But little Miss Suger Booger was UP for the day. Up up up. FINALLY today she has gotten herself exhausted enough that she went back down for an early nap (which she hasn't taken in over a week).

So it's cloudy. The house is quiet except for the lovely sound of a box fan in the window. I flopped in bed where the cats found me straight away and hopped up for some serious kitty cuddlin'.

And my brain turned on.
And it's still going.

Does anyone have a 2X4 handy? I'd like a quick whack on the back of the head. If you can make sure I fall in bed facing the window with ONE knee out of the covers and my hand under my pillow. I'd appreciate it.


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