Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Word About Daddy...

Was there ever a girl so loved by her Daddy than Anna?

I drove to and from St. Louis this Saturday for Mary's baby shower and was super excited about a day off work. ALSO, daddy was excited all week about his "daddy and daughter day"! I drove out of Jeff City having full knowledge that Anna would be fine, if not better off, for a day without me and with her other best friend.

I even took the back roads because the scenery is better (including the ugliest dog I'd ever seen in a kennel in the back of a truck - turned out to be a sheep - well, of course). I listened to a book on tape because I COULD and I did NOT have to listen to kiddo music!

Anyway, they had a great day together!
Here's to ALL the daddy's in my life! Hip Hip Hooray!
And a big shout out to Anna's daddy, the sexiest, most wonderful, silliest daddy around!

"Gonna catch me ridin' daddy, gonna catch me ridin' daddy!"

Who is in the tent?

Two goofballs!

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  1. awesome truman T-shirt! i almost peed my pants when i read/sang the caption to that photo!!!