Friday, November 13, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

So we were at Red Lobster the other night (thank goodness for MiMi) and Anna is her usual rowdy self. To occupy her, Curt is having her look at things out the window:
C: "Do you see it?"
A: (silently looking out)

...Then Curt smells something (not unusual with a toddler) and peeks inside her diaper since she is standing on the seat next to him and says:
C: "Anna, did you go poo poo?"

The waitress about drops her tray laughing.
It took us a minute to get over the fits of giggles to figure out that Anna said : "Oh. I. See. It." about something outside but in very quick toddler speak it came out = ohiseeit = oh shit!

Too funny!

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