Friday, November 13, 2009

Speaking of words:

Auntie Em recently posted about Miss Molly Moose's language explosion so I thought I'd put a word in about Anna's language. There's no way I could list all her words. She says everything. At least once a day I hear a word that I'm clueless where she learned it. At Granny's this weekend, she said words EVERY MOM wants to hear first thing in the morning (NOT) : "Anna dink Ginny's Toffee, mama!" (Anna drank Granny's coffee, Mama!). And today at lunch: "Yucky, Yucky. Anna no like dat, Mommy!" stated about the meal she ate just fine last time it was presented to her highness.

This girl is a sponge. Here is a cute video of her "reading" Hop on Pop.

Finally, I'd like to write down some of the things she says that are too cute to be forgotten:

One-an = Another one
Tiss = Kiss (also followed by "pip" from Mr Brown Can Moo")
Tittens = Kittens
Paingens = Penguins
Lella = Cinderella (although this is morphing into Cinta-lella)
Ticket = Cricket
Ello Thing = When she is in a good mood (which is much of the time), she'll talk to things she sees around her. When she doesn't know the word for something, she'll say "hi" anyway and just call it "thing". Too cute.
6-14-8 = Anna's counting. She'll count up to ten if prompted but when counting something on her own, it's always 6-14-8!

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