Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had an amazing weekend!

We trick-or-treated at Tim's work on Thursday. Then Thursday night we went to a too-scary-for-a-toddler work party for my work. Anna took one look at the blasting rap music, strobe lights and teenagers dancing, went rigid, and started howling. Poor Curt had to take her out to Mel's Cafe to share a fish sandwich with her while I attended the party. We even tried to coax her back in with candy after she ate and she grabbed the candy, pointed to the door and shouted, "GO HOME! GO HOME!" Poor pumpkin.

Then on Friday, we trick-or-treated at Mimi and Curt's work with Sophie and both girls were just dolls. Then on to trick-or-treating at "Miss Kim's" and Grandma's then home for some yummy red beans and rice (plus fried green tomatoes - thank you very much). Both girls were fried on candy and cracked us up doing somersaults on the living room floor.

Saturday, we road the "haunted train" to St. Louis to Granny's. Anna was so pleasant on the train and both Curt and I actually enjoyed the trip! After nap, we went to Auntie Em's house to eat some more yummy food and trick-or-treat down on "haunted hill" in South City. They do it up right down there! LOTS of decorations and fun. And as an added bonus, CJ, Mary, and Kayla joined us for a bit. Then, the three kids ran around Auntie Em's house fueled on sugar and chocolate and fun. At one point, they were all three shut in Em's hallway screaming "ECHO" at the top of their lungs. It was hilarious! Then the grown ups went to a wine party at cousin Cory's house and Sheila AGAIN went over the top on fancy food. The wine was yummy too!!!

Bless her heart, despite going to bed at 9:30pm Anna was a doll on Sunday. We went to Auntie Em's and Uncle Aaron's church to hear them sing then ate a yummy roast at Granny's and even got to play outside for a bit. Anna was even sweet on the very bumpy train ride home.

I couldn't get enough of her this weekend.

Check out these pics. They include not only pumpkin carving last weekend, our awesome pumpkin, trick-or-treating at Mimi's work and on Haunted Hill, but also an awesome shot of all three kids flying Sunday afternoon! Enjoy:
Halloween 2009

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  1. dude! how did you get that picture of them jumping at the same time?! awesome! also, did I notice anna wearing panties (not a diaper) in one of the photos?! woo-hoo.