Friday, May 21, 2010

Conversations continued...

Anna will often say, "Div me pivacy" (Give me privacy) in the bathroom. It makes me smile every time.

An speaking of bathroom topics, Anna has decided that her bear, Scruffy (Tuffy) is a boy. This morning she said, "Tuffy has a yong (long), yong bottom on his bottom!" Thanks for clearing that up Anna. And what's with the sudden focus on bottom parts? ;-)

On a non bathroom-related note, today Anna decided to start telling me what the rules are. "Mommy, top at a wed light and wait yewr tuwn. Dat's de rewl (rule) OK mommy?" "It's your tuwn on gween, dat's de rewl."

And the other day (5/19/2010), Anna didn't want help at breakfast when she stated, "I want to foke (fork) dos eggs all by myself."
When I asked for help she told me, "I want you to hewp yourself out!"

What a silly, independent and wonderful girl!

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