Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today I rode the train

Today I rode the train all by myself! (I had too many events in St. Louis in the same weekend to drag Anna to and she got some quality time with Saint Mimi while Curt the superman redid our closet the he hated.)

(For anyone who is wondering, yes he finished it and yes it is nice.)

I enjoyed catching glimpses of the flooded rivers as I read my book.
I also got to cheer my little Amtrack on as we raced a freight train...and won!

Throughout the trip I nervously checked my book - folding it in half to make sure I had plenty of pages left for the trip home. Does anyone else do that? Would that mark me as anal?

I only had one book in my backpack. I had the whole return trip!

I kept thinking, "we seriously need to bring train travel back to the mainstream". It's so peaceful.


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  1. WHAT!!! you came to st louis and didn't tell me? boo-hoo :(