Friday, May 21, 2010


Anna finished her last "nastics" class this week. Here are some pictures from the beginning of her class:

Look at that strong girl!

"Yet me do it adin!"

Airplane arms on the balance beam.

Her favorite activity = jumping in the ball pit.
One of these days she will bite off that tongue!

A perfect landing!

She even stretches with that tongue out!

Cute story= for her last class, I worked hard on getting her to keep her tongue in on the trampoline. She tried. She really did. Here's how it went:
"Anna, stick your tongue in!"
tongue in - bounce - tongue out
"Anna, stick your tongue in!"
tongue in - bounce- tongue out

Final note = Anna was the ONLY kid who passed the class! The next class is for kids who can do the class without their mommies there!
(Ahem. Shouted in my head, "Heck yes! That's my kiddo!")

We celebrated the proper way - an ice cream cone for Anna and a mini fudge brownie supreme for mommy! (Anna discovered my dessert half way through so I had to eat it quickly!)

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