Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Accomplishments

Here are things these rascals can do:

Count to 10 in Spanish
Brush her hair all by herself now that she sports a snazzy new haircut
Use her "phone" (Curt's old PDA)
Entertian her little sister and tolerate Elizabeth constantly chucking toys at her in the car
Do gymnastics like a champ
Ride a horse!
She's a pro at helping me make our "health shakes"
She can "write" messages if you say the letters.  If she doesn't remember one, she will go look at the fridge magnets and figure it out!

Blow kisses (as of last night)
Sign "more" and "please"
Say "Ah oh"
Play and say "Peek a boo" ("Tee too")
Point to anything she wants (she's a pretty cute, emphatic pointer)
Climb on big sister's bed by herself ("ah oh") or pretty much anything her little legs can manage
Play Pat-a-cake (Although she never completes the verse. She rushes ahead to "Throw it in the oven..." because it's her favorite part!
Nod her head for yes (she nods slowly and deliberately up and down. Very cute)
Climb in and out of the baby pool by herself
Identify all the wonderful and important people in her life
Point out her eyes, ears, eyebrows, nose and mouth (don't ask her to point out your mouth unless you want her to shove her finger in it!)

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