Saturday, May 19, 2012

Macbook fairy!

Dear MacBook Fairy,
See...I have this blog, ya know. And two cute kids that I take lots of pics and videos of.
Problem is, our computer is nestled deep in a corner of our basement, a place I rarely get to visit without laundry in my hands or a minimum of one child in tow on the way to the garage.

So I don't really add stuff to my blog because by the time I can wind my way down to that particular corner of the basement, it is bed time or my brain is fried.
Now, if I could have a computer that can sit upstairs or I could upload stuff to as Curt drove, we visited Granny, the girls played, I waited (for E's nap, the bathroom, etc) I would be much better at all that stuff.

So. If I'm a verrrrryyy good girl, could you leave one under my pillow? Just a little one? Pah-leeeeeze?

1 comment:

  1. I hope the fairy delivers, then you can have an online obsession an excuse to get nothing done!