Monday, February 4, 2008

Back at it again...

OK, I promise... I'll stop blogging soon. But I just wanted to put my evening out there in the universe so it'll return many like this to me in the future. So, little Senorita Stinkypants went to bed at 8ish and has STAYED THERE.... what?????? I should've gone to bed already but keep telling myself that she'll sound the alarm at any minute. Not true - my mommy instincts are telling me. The origional Mr Stinkers (Curt) went to bed at nine. I'm oh so happy for him to go to bed at a decent time, since he woke up before five am to work out at the Y (Thanks Granny and Grandpa!) Anyway, as I sat here on the computer, I heard a thunderstorm a-brewin. I headed outside in my short sleeved t-shirt (this is February 4rd in Tel-Aviv, evidently) and just stood there looking at the glorious sight of rain in the streetlight. Every once in a while the wind would blow some rain under the porch and onto my skin and I would just giggle. I listened to the wind and the rain and the distant rumbles and had good thoughts for all humankind. I wish you had all been there! Or maybe not - perhaps that was a moment best spent alone. When I came inside, I remember thinking, "I feel like I just went to church!" It was delicious. Well, I need to stop being irresponsible and go to bed in case this night escapade for Anna really IS a big fake and I'll be on duty soon. Love, Me

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  1. Great post! Great evening it sounds like! Hope she slept well!

    You are doing better than me so far. I haven't had time to figure out posting pics yet, and every time I sit to write a short blog, I end up writing a book and it takes 2 days to finish!

    Oh well, we'll see how long we both keep at it!