Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary Weekend to Me!

Curt and I just spent two kid-free days this weekend celebrating our anniversary.

Here's a run-down.
Saint Mimi picked Anna up close to 5pm on Friday and I picked Curt up from work with a suitcase in the car. We stopped off at the library to begin our weekend of rest and relaxation right, with books and CD's. Then, I drove Curt to our special place: HOME.
He laughed and appreciated the joke. I decided (and it was my weekend to plan so I was the boss) to save the money we would've spent on a B&B and use it to have fun all weekend, which we did.

We had dinner out Friday night then went to the movie theater with NO idea what we were going to watch. The only one we were remotely on time for was Sherlock Holmes. It was a cute movie and we enjoyed it.
Then it was back to the house for some wine (a 2004 Norton - yummy) and relaxing!

Saturday we slept in (of course) and didn't leave the house until close to 1:00pm, where we promptly went to the spa for massages. Ahhhhhhhhh. Yes.
Then it was off to Prison Brews for a beer and a snack and home for a post-massage, beer fueled nap.
We got some good bar-b-que at Lutz's for dinner and headed home and stayed up late watching two movies with more wine and yummy popcorn.

Sunday we got up early (9:00am :-) and picked Sophie and Michelle up for a starving artist's sale in Columbia. We didn't mind Sophie around on our kid-free weekend for two reasons: 1) She's not our kid and 2) She's ridiculously mellow and well-behaved. Afer scoring some seriously good and cheap art (one for Michelle and one for us) we ate some yummy soup and salad at Pasta House and headed home to drop off the ladies and pick up our Anna Banana Pants. When I scooped her up (as she ran down the hall pants-less) I couldn't get enough of that girl. I kept staring at her face like a school kid with a serious crush. I had to re-remember all her lovely lines and colors and the way she moves and the expression in her eyes. Yum.

Now I would be lying if I said I spent the weekend in a fog of kid-free bliss. I ached for Anna as early as Saturday morning. In fact, both Curt and I wandered around aimlessly Saturday morning, wondering what we were supposed to do with ourselves, until we realized what we were doing, laughed at ourselves, and settled down. On Saturday night when I spoke to her on the phone and she began crying, "Anna tome home, mommy" I almost lost the battle and went to pick her up right then. But Mimi reminded me she was just over-tired (she skipped her nap that day) and she'd be fine. I went to sleep with a slightly heavy heart either way. (Later, when Mimi confessed that she cried herself to sleep for 30 minutes my mom-guilt was on overdrive.) But now my little lady is home. Curt and I are relaxed, refreshed and renewed. We remembered that we can laugh and have fun even with NO little person running around.

We remembered that we enjoyed each other just for ourselves. That we genuinely like each other as people. And we remembered what brought this little family together in the first place.

Anna. You'll thank us later!

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  1. Congrats you two! Love the Anna-crush. Isn't it ridiculous sometimes! Yum is right!!