Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh and one more thing...

As most of you know, Anna is potty trained.

What you might not know is that Anna is potty independent!

I worked today and came home early because Curt is out of town. I invited "Gama" to stay for dinner. I was whipping up some spaghetti because A) It is Anna's current "favit" meal other than bananas B) Curt is not that fond of it so it's a good meal to have while he's gone and C) It's super easy and super fast.

So there are the three of us ladies: Grandma, Anna and I enjoying our spaghetti and some good conversation. Anna suddenly looks up and says, "Anna need go potty!" I said, "Well go ahead, missy!"

While Grandma watched, dumbfounded, Anna squirms off the chair, runs (because she hardly ever walks) off to the bathroom, we hear the toilet lid slam, tinkle come out, flushing, and see Anna running back to the table. I remind her, "Anna, don't you think you should wash hands since you are coming to eat?"

She says, "Oh!... Oh tose (of course). run, run, run. Oh tose" run, run, run. She washes her hands and returns to the table.

She's 2 years and 2 months, people. And I ate my spaghetti uninterrupted.


  1. Hey Maria! It's Keri. I found your blog checking out Josh's blog, and I have to admit, I will check it from time to time when I am eating lunch at work, and having a little downtime at the desk. It's really sweet to hear about Anna, you and Curt- She's such a cutie-pie-AnnA.
    I hope to see you all soon!

  2. Yay! Anna so cute? Oh Tose!

  3. we hate you and your advanced child. wanna bring anna over to show olli the ropes? :)