Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let me tell you about Anna...

She's gotten even more cute lately. And oh yea... she's potty trained!!! (as of about two weeks ago). In fact on Monday, she kicked me out of the bathroom completely. No kidding. She got those pants and panties down all by herself, used the potty, wiped, flushed and got the pants back up all. by. herself.
(Being a supportive mom, I didn't mention the few drops evident on her pants from a not-so-thorough wipe but I DID remind her to wash her hands.)

She has been really into taking care of her babies, lately. She's very concerned that they "feel told (cold)" and will occasionally feed them. They should feel lucky! ;-)
On the other hand, two members of the household might not feel so lucky... the cats. She has taken to torturing them. One of them (I won't mention who) is not smart enough to stay away from her so at least once per day she lays on the poor kitty while the kitty whines. Today, she read them both the "tato (potato) book" and she was pretty offended when they did not listen.

She sings many songs:
-Washing hands song
-Shark song
-Turkey "dimmer" (dinner) song
and a few others. The ABC song was a surprise. We don't sing it very often but I think she learned it from a toy. She knows it all the way through!

She has begun climbing out of her crib, much to my dismay. We are reluctant to switch her to the "tobbler" (toddler) bed for many reasons. But I think the time is not far off. I really hope I'm not kissing my restful nights goodbye. The hard part is, she climbs out once every three days or less and she's never gotten hurt climbing out of the crib but I'm stuck asking the "what ifs". She's also fighting her naps and good gracious I hope that's just a phase. I am SOOOO not ready for her to be nap-less. You'd find one depressed momma if that's the case.

Also recently she's been on a bit of a daddy strike (poor daddy). Mommy is queen to this little one right now and this mommy hates it (NOT :-)!

Thankfully, she's still an itty bitters but in her long sentences and streaks of independence I see the signs of a some day fully independent girl. (Sigh.) I want those times to be far, far off. I don't know what I'll do when I can no longer get her dressed, rub post-bath lotion all over her cute little bod, snuggle with her, kiss her on the mouth as much as she'll let me, squeeze her cute bum, etc.

These are precious times.

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  1. So jealous about the potty training! Seriously, O is NOT interested. He'll only sit on his potty when he's in the mood to read one of his favorite books (that we've reserved for potty-sitting only). Ah well...eventually...