Thursday, September 9, 2010

Swagger Wagon

Here is a belated announcement:

After a year of saving money and test driving sexy SUVs over and over
(including a hot hybrid 7 seater that brought tears to my eyes)
the universe tilted and through strange circumstances I ended up purchasing...

wait for it....

a van.
Yes. The thing I swore I'd never drive. The overrated, gas guzzling, cliche'd, deidedly unsexy
mark. of. a. mom.

Not only is it a van, it is the most vanny of vans: A Dodge Caravan
No bells and whistles.
Not even tinted window to give me cool points.
But check this, I financed this bad boy (a 2007 with a mere 32,000 miles) for $3000.
How's that for rockin' budgeting?
And luck?

And how do I feel about driving this decidedly unsexy mark-of-a-mom?

Seriously. I can't imagine how I ever got Anna (my tall child and my tall self) into and out of a car with doors that opened... out... (scoff). How did Anna ever enjoy her ride without sitting high
and proud in the seat behind me?
I truly don't know how I will ever again NOT drive a van. I mean it.

Anna loves the "Mom Van" every bit as much as I do. That girl owns that car, know what I mean?

I love it so much I wanted to share a video with you as a tribute to all the "mom vans" out there.

And yes it's true:
"I rock in my GC, not an SUV
And it's true if I were you
I'd be jealous of me too!

In my swagger wagon
Yea my swagger wagon.
In my swagger wagon."



  1. You, and that video, are hilarious! Mary