Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You don't say...

Anna's language is so developed now, but luckily there are a few cute things she still says in a baby-ish way:

Ice Crispies
Strawberry Courtcake
Intersering! (Interesting)
And many more!

And every morning and nap she greets us with this cheerful saying,
"Mommy I waked up happyyyyyyyy!" as her way of telling us she is awake.

Also, for many months she will ask out of the blue:
"So what (how) was your day?"
Some days she'll randomly ask this several times a day. Often it's when we sit down to eat.
Is this girl too cute or what?

A funny story about that saying: Granny, Ben and Molly were here for a visit a couple of weeks ago. We were at church and Granny kept telling Anna to "hush" and vice versa. It was time for a quick hymn so Granny began singing. Anna whispers loudly, "Gwanny, hush. No talking!"
Granny explained, "It's OK, we can talk right now." And as the music quit and the church was silent Anna exclaimed loudly:
"Oh! Well, what was your day?"

The other day, this randomly came out of her mouth:
"You know what I love you about?
For taking care of me!
You know what else I love you about?
When things don't go qwuite right!?

Has there ever been a sweeter lady?

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