Monday, September 20, 2010


This weekend our dear friends Sean and Lisa came to visit with their adorable 2 month-old, Aidan.

They helped us rip up our yucky living room carpet. Well to be honest. Curt was at work so essentially Sean and Michelle's husband, Tim, ripped up the carpet by themselves! How's that for good friends?

The transition from carpet back to wood flooring echoed a reminder of the OTHER transition we will have come January: the transition from an independent and communicative nearly 3 year-old back to having a newborn in the house.

I'm not sure about Curt but I was equal parts horrified and endeared by the amount of work a newborn brings. I can't wait to welcome the newest member of our family. Or as mom says, the newest "Stoklet". But I am not a fool this time around! I know the changes it will bring.
If you will all forgive me my temporary loss of sanity come January, my cluttered house and my desperate need for sleep I would appreciate it!

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures:

Bye bye dirty old carpet!

Can you tell where we walked most often?
DESPITE the fact that I vacuumed all the time and this carpet has been steam cleaned twice since we moved in!

Oh lovely wood floors, why would anyone cover you up?

Ahhh. New living room!
Cricket purrs her approval.
(Sadly, the idiot that I am forgot to take pictures of PEOPLE this weekend so this is the only shot I have with Lisa and His Little Highness in it. I apologize for not showing you his utter cuteness!)

The floors are not in perfect shape but then again, neither are it's owners! :-)

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