Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Boy! It's a girl!

Subtitled: Think Pink!

Another belated post:
Anna is going to have a baby sister!

Despite the fact that I was convinced I was having a boy, nature proved me wrong.
I hate to be wrong. But it was such a neat surprise and I was thrilled.
Two girls!
We have truly broken the Stokes' boy tradition.

Anna, MiMi and Papa all got to come get a look at the kiddo after Curt and I found out.
Anna squealed, "She's so beeeutiful!" and I thought the ultrasound lady was going to break into tears.

The baby's profile in the ultrasound looked EXACTLY like Anna's did at 20 weeks. I wish I could prove it but all the lady sent me home with were pictures of the ....ah.....gender (more than was necessary to take) and the front pictures where they all look like skeletons/aliens. Not exactly scrapbook material.

Oh well. You can all meet the real thing come January.
Congrats to Anna on her baby sister!

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